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A collage of photographs of clients working out. An Indian woman wears a mask and performs a rowing exercise on a cable machine. Two white women do leg workouts under a tent outdoors. Three women smile for a screenshot of a workout session - a woman of Middle Eastern descent, a Black woman and a white woman.  A woman of Mexican heritage stands n the studio holding a barbell in the middle of a deadlifting exercise. Four women workout together in a large room. A white woman exercises in her living room. A white woman presses two dumbbells overhead.

Our Story

5:17 started as an idea that it was possible to find freedom in a wellness lifestyle that was more than pursing a six pack or marathon races, but creating real, manageable, day-to-day thriving that we all crave, in a way that resonates personally with each individual we serve. 

It's hard to feel comfortable in your own skin when bombarded by all you're not - not skinny enough, not fit enough, not healthy enough, not disciplined enough... and it's all a farce. The health and fitness industry thrives on telling people they're not good enough, that they don't have what it takes, that they are broken and in need of fixing, and - hey! - they've got the secret to fix all your problems, so sign here at the dotted line. NO! 


5:17 exists to disrupt this trend, because the truth is that you are enough, right now, just as you are. Sure, maybe you do want and/or need to get healthier or stronger or whatever... we can help with that, but your worth and value are not found in the number on the scale or the size of your jeans or how far you can run without falling over. We believe wellness is a gas station to fuel your dreams, ambitions and potential, rather than a mechanic shop to fix all that's broken with you. 

Our Mission Is To Empower.

We recognize that wellness encompasses more than food and fitness - it's not what you put into your body and how much you burn, but who you are in the day to day that really matters. We believe you've got what it takes, that everything you need is already inside and that you alone have the ability to unlock it. Sometimes, you just need some encouragement and camaraderie to make it happen. 

That's where we come in. To truly empower someone is to make them stronger, more confident and more capable - not telling them what they need or what they should do, not making them reliant or submissive. Our coaching style aims to listen more than we speak, to ask questions that will unlock your best answers, and facilitate the pathway toward what you feel is right. 

Yes, you know what you need and we're simply here to serve you in that way.


We encompass the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of wellness, using our proprietary blend of proven disciplines in a way that is personalized for each unique individual. These include:

  • Emotional Wellness Coaching with Functional Emotional Fitness™ - How you feel determines what you do; we'll teach you how to interrupt, re-structure and re-program emotional states and behaviors that aren't working so you can activate your most empowered emotional state and move more quickly towards everything you want in life (not what you think you "should" do.) Included in every package, and available separately in private, workshop and on-demand options from $149. Click here to learn more.

  • Focused Intense Resistance Exercise (FIRE) - Lean muscle tissue is the most important thing for improving how you look, feel and function, and we'll help you do just that in a way that is meaningful to you, while utilizing corrective exercise to repair and prevent injuries so you can thrive with energy and strength physically and mentally. Included in every package, and available separately in private and semi-private (2-4 clients) both online and in-person from $45/session. 

  • Intense Cardio Exercise (ICE) - High intensity interval training (HIIT) is proven time and time again by researchers to provide physical, mental and emotional health and stamina, and we provide this in a way that you'll actually enjoy. We take each participant's needs, goals and situation into account and create unique workouts the class will enjoy. Included in every package, and available separately in online classes from $20/session. 

  • Metabolic Nutrition - Every body is different, so we'll work uniquely with yours to help you feel fantastic every second of the day, without giving up your favorite foods, having to count or cut calories or feel guilty about what you're eating. You'll learn how to become your own nutritionist, able to sort through the muck and mire of conflicting information so you know what's best for you, and eliminate the fear, guilt and shame society places around food. Included in every package, and available separately in private and group 12-week formats from $499. 

Work With Us

Get the fully personalized support, encouragement and camaraderie you need to be successful in your wellness journey - no matter where you are - without uncomfortable commitments or feeling left behind.

Each of our programs begins with a private Wellness Success Session, during which we'll discuss your needs, goals and desires, and lay out a plan that will help you get there. Not sure what you need? Contact us for a complimentary, no-obligation chat to get an understanding for how we work and how we may be able to help.

We'll assume the risk!

Worried about how our services "shape up"? We stand by our promise to meet you where you are and create a plan tailored specifically to your unique needs and goals. That's why we offer a 12-week, 100% money back guarantee with all our programs, and are proud to say that in over 8 years of business we've never had to be taken up on it, because we've delivered every single time. Plus, we build in a no-hassle two-week trial into each option. Just let us know if it isn't working and there's no further effort required.


Jennette Holzworth


USAW Level 2 Coach

Precision Nutrition Level 1

Corrective Exercise Specialist


NASM Personal Trainer

Precision Nutrition Level 1


Doctor of Chiropractic

Strength & Conditioning Coach

Let’s Work Together

Get in touch so we can start working together. There's no obligation, and all inquiries begin with a complimentary 15-minute info chat so you can get the answers you need and see if it would be a good fit to move forward. 

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