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nutrition program

About the program

We all know diets don't work.... not in the long term, anyway.

What if, instead of jumping from one plan to another, you created a way of eating (and living) that worked for you, because it's fully tailored to your individual needs -- not just physically, but mentally and emotionally?

This 12-week program is designed by 5:17 founder Jennette Holzworth and pulls from multiple disciplines to lead participants through a transformation regarding how they relate to food and approach a basic necessity of humanity: eating.

The goal of this program is to provide freedom participants deserve from fear mongering, fat phobia and diet culture that pervades our culture.

Important note: This is not a weight loss program. Although some participants *may* find a change in their weight as a result of changes in their personal approach to nutrition, that is not the goal of this program. Restrictive eating is not focused on nor encouraged.

We'll explore topics like:

  • Where our hang-ups come from
  • Fallacies related to conventional/mainstream nutritional advice
  • How to know if you're eating too much (or too little, which is most common)

  • Emotional eating (and why it's not a bad thing)

  • How to tune into your hunger and satiety cues and listen to your body

  • Ways to reduce stress regarding cooking/meal prepping, etc.

  • An exploration of various "methods" of eating and how to know if a specific plan works for you (aka counting macros, etc.)


This program is in a group format and meets virtually via Zoom tentatively Monday evenings at 7pm Pacific time beginning January 30. Meetings will be recorded and made available for a limited time following the appointment to protect privacy and encourage accountability.

Additional groups may be formed to meet timing and attendance needs. Please reply to this email if timing is the only prohibitive factor for you.

This cohort format will encourage community and camaraderie around this topic, which will strengthen the mental and emotional aspects involved in this kind of transformation. When we go on an adventure together, greater things happen.

Next program begins Jan. 30

Investment: $499
A note on urgency: We do not subscribe to the predatory capitalistic idea of FOMO. If you're interested, but not ready right now, know we will offer this again this year, in June. There is also a possibility of this becoming a stand-alone program.

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